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Just Managing

Just Managing

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The finishing touches were recently applied to our new ring and the girls were chomping at the bit (or the turnbuckle) to try it out. And if someone gets beat up a little along the way... well, that's even BETTER as far as they're concerned.

Becca never really gets along with ANYBODY, but even more so recently the rivalry with DIANA has grown. Becca came back from training with a lot of new ideas she wanted to throw at the girls, and Diana was the least impressed of the lot.

That being the case, Becca applies the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" philosophy and becomes Lee's manager "pro temp."

Needless to say Becca does a little bit of interfering, though Diana, in a blonde moment, decides the still photographer is her manager, and he actually does "manage" to pull Becca away a couple of times. But the main action is IN the ring, and Lee has a lot going for her, with OR without Becca's help.

In the end, Becca is VERY dissatisfied with Lee's performance, and the final few minutes of the match are Becca's verbal and PHYSICAL expression of that dissatisfaction toward a tired and bewildered LEE!

About 30 Minutes
320 x 240 Windows Media Format
About 180 MB

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