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Wrestle and Kiss

Wrestle and Kiss

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It's never a bad idea to clean up your hard drives once in a while. Because when you do, you're likely to find a surprise. In this case, the surprise was some never used video featuring Samantha James and Hannah Perez!

These are the last of some video shot in 2012, using my Canon still camera when the regular camera went out. The quality is surprisingly good - considering I didn't know the video didn't "autofocus," so at times the image is a little soft, but not overtly blurry. It's actually better than most old VHS footage, and let's face it, a chance to see Hannah and Samantha in action again is always worth it.

For models, these two do a good job of wrestling - and they aren't afraid to lay hands on each other! There's scissors, arms holds, a little breast and crotch punishment, and even a sleeper hold. A nice mix of wrestling with a nice mix of girls!

Both girls are bikini-clad and barefoot. It's a two-fall match, with each girl taking a fall, and the winner of each fall steals a lengthy kiss from the loser. Nice!

Due to the 16:9 ratio of the camera, we decided to keep that format, so frame is wider than normal. We're offering this video in three different resolutions.

About 16 Minutes
121 MB
476 x 268 Windows Media

CLICK HERE FOR 640 X 424 Windows Media Format

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