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Bruised & Breathless

Bruised & Breathless

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Our amazing young ladies return to the ThunderGirls ring in their most energetic bout to date! Once Lee had the advantage in skill but now Brooke's relentlessness keeps Lee on her toes - and often on the mat! There are some great wrestling holds applied - surfboard, camel clutch, anklelocks body scissors and more - but it's the kicks, fists, chokes and forearm smashes that give this encounter so much energy.

Pin attempts are thwarted, frustrating both wrestlers. One of our battling beauties tries to end the fight with an awkward but apparently effective sleeper hold, but after escaping, her opponent shows her how it's done... or TRIES. Once and again a gal amazingly escapes from what SHOULD be a guaranteed match-ending sleeper hold. Finally it's a BREAST SMOTHER that puts a sexy gal out like a light.

About 15 Minutes • 95 MB
320 x 240 Windows Media Format

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