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Double Or Nothing COMPLETE

Double Or Nothing COMPLETE

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It can get pretty competitive when you have a blonde and a redhead under the same roof. Casual remarks can intimidate, words of confidence become challenges. Such is the case with our Blonde Brawler and our Rowdy Redhead. And where wrestlers are concerned, there's always the threat of victory by rule breaking. Unless you have a referee on hand!

That said, BECCA and DIANA undertake a special rules match, with referee MATT on hand to try to maintain order. Becca's challenge to Diana is a "Double Or Nothing" bout, a strict variation of a 2 out of 3 fall affair. In essence, a girl must win two straight falls to win the match. Win the first fall, you're half-way to victory. Win the first but lose the second, and it's a draw.

Becca tries to have her way with Diana in spite of Matt's presence. Matt's wise to Becca's ways and constantly warns her of ropes, closed fists, and hair pulling. All the while Becca fires back reasoned arguments for what she's doing to poor Diana.

Diana doesn't give up without a fight though, and she manages to get her licks (and kicks!) in with the Rowdy Redhead, and in part TWO of this battle, it's amazing seeing the slender blonde lift and woman-handle the big red machine.

The COMPLETE bout!
About 30 Minutes, 178 MB
320 x 240 Windows Media Format

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