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Bodies, Slammed

Bodies, Slammed

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Becca heels like nobody can. It's been said that Becca wouldn't last long in the business. The truth is, the "business" wouldn't last long with Becca! Ms Rowdy is a hard wrestler to get to know... so we'll point out something that few may realize. She LOVES wrestling. And about the only thing she loves more is wrestling DIANA.

Diana, too, loves wrestling. Anyone who's seen her work knows this battling blonde is good enough for the national market. So you gotta know how fortunate we consider ourselves to have had her to ourselves exclusively. And Diana likes wrestling Becca too... especially now that she's got the skill to not only hold her own with the redhead, but to put her DOWN as well.

This match is a blend of splendid wrestling holds... armbars, hammerlocks, scissors and leg holds... and at one point you'll see a sensational sleeper hold that threatens to end the match! But that's not meant to be... the match continues in a see-saw struggle for dominance until suddenly, almost in the blink of an eye... a simple yet effective pin takes the match!

Length: About 15 minutes
File size: 87 MB
Windows Media 9


Product Code: BODL39

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