Whether you buy 1 or 100 ThunderGirls Theater downloads, making sure your investment is protected is very important.
And the best individual to take care of this protection is YOU!

As noted in our Terms of Service, what you are getting with your ThunderGirls Theater purchase is ONE successful download, and a SINGLE USER license for viewing. Once you have acquired that download, our responsibility to you for that video has been fulfilled. And more importantly, the responsibility for the download has now passed on to you.

Maintaining digital properties is often something that is postponed. You'll do it later, you'll do it sometime. Maybe you don't have blank CDs, and you need to go to the store. There's always a reasonable explanation as to why you just let your purchases sit right there on that hard drive, a potential ticking time-bomb for disaster. And then one day, it happens... your beloved hard drive crashes, and it took no hostages. Everything went with it... digital photos from the last decade, emails you should have printed, reports that you spent hours preparing. Gone. Up in virtual smoke. And even MORE importantly, it took your FAVORITE THUNDERGIRLS VIDEOS TOO... ARGHHH!!!

Let's be adults here. We produced the videos, we made them as good as we could, we provided you with instant payment and access options, and we helped you if there was a problem with your download. But we're not your secretary, not your mother, not your MIS department (do they still call them that these days?). And so coming to us and asking for a free replacement (because you're such a good customer, and it really would be great, and you know we don't replace videos BUT, and it sure would be a sign of good faith...) is like admitting you goofed. Why would you want to do that? Here's a better idea...


See that picture above all these words? Those are some very cool methods to back-up your data. And sure, they're not fool-proof either, but the odds are pretty good they won't go bad at the EXACT same time your hard drive crashed. Some of them are dirt cheap, some of them aren't cheap, but they're reasonable. That first one? That's a Western Digital Passport hard drive, about 350 GB. Ours cost $89 from Amazon.com. They're also available from Staples. It's plug-and-play guys, and it even comes with it's OWN back-up software. Many of these pocket-sized drives don't even need a power supply, they get their juice right from the USB hookup.

Next, a USB drive (aka "thumb" drive or "flash drive) and a simple SD card. These are getting cheaper and cheaper. As of this writing, Amazon has a Transcend 8 GB card for $20. That's enough room to store about 75 of our average 15 minute videos. The USB drive is plug-and-play for systems using Windows XP and up, or Mac users, I think it's like OS 8.9 and up. Memory cards may require a separate reader, if your laptop or PC doesn't have them built in. These are cheap, less than 20 bucks. And some SD cards even come with a USB reader, so you might want to look for that.

Then there's the tried and true CD-R (650 MB, about 5 - 7 of our videos) and DVD-R (4400 MB, or about 40-45 of our videos). If you DO back-up to CD or DVD, PLEASE make sure you get BRAND NAME media, that you've tested and know to work well with your computer's drive. Sony, Verbatim, Maxell, TDK, all have worked well for us, but YOU decide what's best for you. Next, don't rush, use a slow-speed (not more than 8x) and make SURE your burning software is set to VERIFY. That will nearly double the burning time, but HEY we're trying to make sure we have good back-ups. And finally, we STRONGLY recommend that you do NOT use rewriteable (RW) media. Our 10 year experience with those has been fair at best. Use a good write-once media, okay?

We really DO appreciate your business, and we want you to be happy with us as a provider of your female wrestling and boxing videos. The lesson here though goes beyond just saving Thundergirls videos, you're buying from other sources too, and backing up your data protects ALL those purchases. Do the same with your downloaded movies and music. It really only takes a little bit of your time, and it makes YOU a responsible buyer, just like we try to be responsible sellers. The tools are there for you, and the learning curve is almost flat.

If your drive hasn't crashed yet, then it's NOT too late. Take a few minutes and back-up your data. Please don't make us out to be the bad-guys. The time it takes to communicate with you, verify your orders, supply you with additional downloads... that's extra time for us, when you could have spent about the same amount of time saving your data without our help. Our policy is firm... and it HAS to be... we DON'T replace lost backups. And really, should we HAVE to?